Hyper-converged Software Defined Storage

Natively converges compute, storage and networking into an agile, economical software defined Data Center to unlock the full potential of IT infrastructure.

Scale Out

Seamlessly expand the cluster from single node to hundred of nodes within few minutes. Difficulty isn't changed even the cluster has 10 nodes or 1000 nodes.

Break Dependence

Leverage the intelligent software on COTS (x86) platform to break the dependence on expensive, proprietary hardware.

Absolute Performance

Single node can effortlessly deliver 10,000 IOPS without compromising stability.

Container and VM

Allow both Container and VM access the storage layer anytime and anywhere. Provide the persistent storage for Container.

Emerging Applications

Support today's enterprise applications and cloud-native workloads.

Mass storage with elastic expansion

Distributed storage delivers the scale-out architecture and supports the expansion when needed. 


Data Protection
Provide a HA solution to meet complex SLA requirement of applications even when an entire datacenter outage happens.
Maximum Speed
Deliver the unified flash memory solution to boost I/O. It adopts the "peer-to-peer" equivalent systematic architecture to eliminate cluster bottleneck.
Cloud Ready Storage
Rich set of APIs allows our customers to build their private Cloud in ease. 
Come with high-density storage nodes to provide massive storage capacity. Adopt EC to reduce the storage footprint without sacrificing data redundancy.
Unified Management
Magabric offers an user friendly web GUI to manage all the storage resource in one place.
Comprehensive Cloud OS for private and hybrid Cloud 

Private and hybrid cloud platform with complete enterprise function, it reinvent enterprise's Data Center into one OS platform

Instant Deployment
Deploy your VM in just few seconds. XOS allows you to snapshot and backup your instances quickly and flawlessly.
Online Migration
XOS delivers the capability to Cloud host for live migration across physical servers without application interruption.
Simple Management
By integrating traditional data center resources into the platform, XOS provides high visibility and comprehensive management.
Virtual Network
Generate different type of virtual networks (L2/L3) by XOS Cloud-native network that provides overlay network to transparently isolate tenants. 
Seamless Integration
Based on open source project, XOS provides the rich method to integrate with cloud-native 3rd party software.
Intelligent Cloud Content Delivery Network

Next Generation Content Delivery Network integrated with intelligence and security is ready for both HTTPS and HTTP 2.0

Intelligent Scheduling
Intelligently dispatch the request to local service PoP according to the type of content like static, dynamic, streaming media. Device recognition helps improve user experience.
SSL Integration
Support HTTPS traffic by adopting different flavour of SSL integration including transparent mode, SSL termination. 
Virtulization Ready
Support both physical server environment and virtulization setup like KVM to lower your cost without compromising performance.
Flexibility and Customization
Dynamic caching with near instant purging responds to changes in a matter of minutes, not hours. Elastic rule settings allow you to change the use case based on your application model.
Analytics and Visibility
Find out the who, what, why, and how of your content with raw logs and realtime reporting. Provides both device-scope management and global network visibility.
Enterprise container cloud platform

A container platform that makes deployment and management of enterprise applications simple and reliable

Rapid Deployment
Simple deployment  and management of your enterprise application with comprehensive PaaS functionalities, such as Auto Scaling, Rolling Update, Logging and Monitoring.
Optimized Infrastructure
Use overlay networking technology to create high speed virtual network that is compatible with all kinds of network infrastructures along with Hyper-Converged Storage to deliver high performance for stateful applications.
Enterprise-class Registry
Private registry with enterprise functionalities such as automated builds, automatic image scanning, image replication and distribution to ensure security and integration with CI/CD tools for DevOps workflow.
Application-intelligent Monitoring
View utilization, performance metrics and logging events for the resources that you care about most, with zero-config approach.
Open APIs
Fully compatible with Docker API. Programatically interface with every part of your cloud.
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