Hyper-converged Software Defined Storage

Natively converges compute virtulization, storage and networking into an agile, economical software defined storage.


Seamlessly expand the cluster from single node to hundred of nodes.

Break the Dependence

Leverage the intelligent software on COTS (x86) platform to break the dependence on expensive, proprietary hardware.

Absolute Performance

Single node can effortlessly deliver 10,000 IOPS.

Mass storage with elastic expansion

Distributed storage delivers the scale-out architecture and supports the expansion when needed. 


Data Protection
Megabric provides a HA solution to meet complex SLA requirement of applications even when an entire datacenter outage happens.
Maximum Speed
Megabric delivers a completely unified flash memory solution to boost I/O. It adopts the "peer-to-peer" equivalent systematic architecture to eliminate cluster bottleneck.
Cloud Ready Storage
Rich set of APIs allows our customers to build their private Cloud in ease. 
Megabric adopts various means to lower the TCO(Total Cost of Ownership). For example, it comes with high-density storage nodes to provide a bigger storage capacity and performances. Meanwhile, it uses the advanced EC technology to reduce the storage footprint without reducing data redundancy level. It also adopts green technologies to decrease the consumption of power.
Unified Management
Magabric offers an user friendly web GUI to manage all the storage resource in one place.
Private and Hybrid Cloud OS

Private cloud platform with full enterprise function, it unifies the IT architecture of enterprises into one platform

Instant Deployment
Deploy your VM in just few seconds. XOS allows you have instant snapshot or flexible back up for all the cloud resource.
Online Migration
Cloud host could live migrate safely across physical servers, no business interruption during migrating
Simplified management
By integrating traditional data center resources on the platform, XOS could provide service of resources coveraged and visualized to IT admin
Network isolation
Generate multiple Layer2/3 virtual networks by a few clicks. Virtual networks are isolated from each other just like using the physical network.
One-Click expansion
Increase your Resource pool by just a few clicks
Business Never Stops
XOS leverages multiple underly technology to ensure high availability for customer’s business.
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