Software Defined Data Center Infrastructure

Combine compute, storage and networking by agile and open software to unlock the potential of your data center

Why Software Defined Datacenter

Offer hyperconverged infrastructure


Without deploying compute, storage and networking separately in Data Center, our software unifies all of the Data Center IT resouces into an easy-to-use system that brings full speed and efficiency to your IT and meets today's agile application.

Enable flexible scaling


Obviously traditional method of IT expansion in Data Center is hard and inflexible to meet today's requirement of applications anymore. Software Defined Data Center allows our customers to smoothly scale out their services while remaining performance.

Get the most value from your storage


By adopting distrbuted storage technology and combining SSD and HDD at single node , in Data Center our software effectively and globally schedule the storage resource based on the “temperature” of data to maximum your TCO. Every single byte does matter.

Make Cloud and Container ready


Extend the benefits of OpenStack and container technology to your Data Center. Our software enables Container and virtual-machine to access the pooled storage layer anytime no matter where the container and VM reside within the cluster.


ExpressVM is a Hyper-converged system. It provides unified storage pool to virtual-machine or container which resides on top of each node in the cluster. 


Megabric is a unified and mass storage system that can be widely used at Media, HPC, Data Center, Dotcom, Education and Corporate.


XOS is built for both private and hybrid Cloud that helps customer to transform from today's traditional IT to software defined Data Center


Next Generation Content Delivery Network integrated with intelligence and security is ready for both HTTPS and HTTP 2.0


A container platform that makes deployment and management of enterprise applications simple and reliable.

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